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Adult ECMO Simulator


The current version of the simulator is 5.9.3.

The latest version history can be found here


The 'Evaluation' version of this software has been modified in various ways. In particular:
  • The application will only run for 10 minutes,
  • Data Recording has been disabled,
  • The ECG Editor has been disabled,
  • The Scenario Editor has been disabled,
  • The Application will only function for a period of 30 days.


The 'Personal' version of this software has:

  • Limited network connectivity between the Main (Trainee) application and the Supervisor application.
  • Permits recording of only a restricted dataset of system variables.


The 'Institutional' version of the software:
  • Has none of these restrictions, and
  • Can be installed on any number of computers on the Institution's network.