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Adult ECMO Simulator

ECMO Simulator Resources:

In this section of the website I've made available some resources which can be used in the creation of 'Scenarios'. Refer to the 'Scenarios' section of the User Manual for a complete description of scenario construction.

All the resources listed here have either been retrieved by me from the public domain or permission has been given for their inclusion on this website. If you believe that any of the items breach the intellectual property rights of any party contact MSE(Australia) PL and the items will be removed.

If you wish to submit a resource (document, image, video or url) submit it to MSE (Australia) PL (together with an assurance that you believe the resource can be published without breaching the intellectual property rights of any other party).

The resources which are currently available are:

Description Resource
Web Addresses: University of Michigan ECMO ELSO ECLS-NET Alfred ECMO Course CESAR Trial NSW ECMO Retrieval Lecture Site
ANZ ECMO Investigators ECMO in H1N1 influenza patients.
Weissman et al. Metabolic Rate of ICU patients.
Hlavac. Windkessel Model.
Weil et al. Hypoxic Ventilatory Drive.
Ichiba et al. VV ECMO: Dual Drainage Cannulae.
Clotted Oxygenator View Image
Kinked Line View Image
Membrane Leak View Image
VV ECMO Circuit View Image
VA ECMO Circuit View Image
BioMedicus Pump Head Thrombus View Image
Quadrox Oxygenator View Image
Quadrox System View Image
Jostra Console View Image
ARDS CXR View Image
Pulmonary Oedema CXR View Image
Mal-Position of femoral venous cannula Download Video
ECMO Lecture Contact MSE(Australia) PL.
Circuit Priming Contact MSE(Australia) PL.