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Echocardiography MCQ

Echocardiograpy MCQ

The MSE Echo Mutliple Choice Questionnaire is intended for use by those working towards accreditation in peri-operative echocardiography. It is designed to run on computers which support a display resolution of 1024*768 pixels.

The application constructs Questions and Answers 'dynamically' and is capable of generating many thousands of unique Question:Answer combinations.

The evaluation version comprises 10 question stems, ~100 answer options and relevant video or still image clips. All videos are delivered in high-definition, mp4 format.

The answers to the questions are supported by peer-reviewed references whenever possible. The references have been chosen to be generally available in (free) full text format and the application automatically queries the National Library of Medicine 'PubMed' database to retrieve such references. Where appropriate, links to relevant websites are also provided.

A screenshot of the application is shown below.

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