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Adult ECMO Simulator

The effect of initiation of VV ECMO on PaO2.


The effect of initiation of VV ECMO is shown in this figure. Before ECMO, the patient is ventilated on 100% oxygen and has a 'shunt fraction' of more than 0.65. He is consuming 220 ml/min of oxygen and has a PaO2 of ~ 42 mm Hg.

VV ECMO is initiated at 2.5 lpm and after five minutes the PaO2 has risen to 58 mm Hg. At this time, the ECMO flow rate is increased to 4.8 lpm - which results in a further rise in PaO2 (to ~ 75 mm Hg).

Throughout the experiment, the patient remains ventilated on 100% oxygen. The V:Q ratio of the artificial lung is maintained at 1.0.