Maintenance Mode

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<Maintenance Mode> is used to access the Scenario, ECG and Recorded Variable editors and to allow the system administrator to move the location of the <ScenarioData> folder.


The menu options which are available in this mode are:

<System><Scenario Editor>
<System><Scenario Data Source>
<System><Recorded Variables Editor>
<System><ECG Editor>
<System><Help System>
<System><Miscellaneous Settings>


The <Help System> option opens this help file. The Help File is also made available in 'pdf' format from the Windows <Start> menu.


The <Miscellaneous Settings> option allows you to change the units of measurement for blood gases (kPa / mm Hg), set the aspect ratio of the Inspector Window to be used when viewing 'PowerPoint' files and set the background colour of the main applications desktop.