Modes of Operation

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The application can be used in one of three modes:




<Unsupervised Simulation Mode> (the default selection) is intended for use by unsupervised trainees. In this mode, a variety of previously recorded scenarios and/or tutorials can be undertaken, but no intervention by a supervisor is possible. The trainee is able to load different patients (pre-recorded physiological states) and to experiment with the use of various drugs and therapeutic techniques.


<Supervised Simulation Mode> is used when active interventions by a simulation supervisor are required during the course of a simulation session. Events such as oxygenator failure, catastrophic haemorrhage or the occurrence of a malignant cardiac arrhythmia can only be initiated when the supervisor is connected to the Main Application in <Supervised Simulation Mode>. The supervisor controls the flow of events using the supervisory application.


<Maintenance Mode> is used to access the Scenario, ECG and Recorded Variable editors and to allow the system administrator to move the location of the <ScenarioData> folder.