Data Recorder

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Data recording can be turned on by clicking the <Record> button on the <Monitor> toolbar. The recorded data are stored in a Microsoft 'Excel' spreadsheet. By default, data are recorded every 5 seconds to a file which is named 'MSEData.xls' and stored in the 'ScenarioData' folder. Click the button again to turn the recorder off.




When first installed, the recorder is set to record the patient's pulse rate, SaO2 and mean arterial blood pressure.


If you wish to record other variables, you must select them by running the application in <Maintenance Mode>.


To do this:


Start the system in <Maintenance> mode.
Select the <Recorded Variables Editor>.
Select the recorded variables.
Select the <Frequency of Recording>
Click <Save & Exit>
Restart the system in either <Supervised> or <Unsupervised> mode.


The Recordable Variables Editor is 'modal' - which is to say that it must be closed with the <Save & Exit> button or <Cancel & Exit> button before any other activities can be undertaken.




If you are using the <Personal> version of the application, only three variables can be recorded at any one time. If you select more than this number, only the first three selected variables will be recorded.


Whichever licensed version is used, the data recorder also records all bolus, infusion and fluid therapy.


The selected variables are retained between runnings of the application.