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The  <Therapeutic Interface> is used for the administration of bolus / infusion drugs and / or fluids. The main window (for bolus drugs) is shown below.


Therapeutic Interface2


Clicking on the <Bolus Drug>, <Infusion Drug> and <Fluids> tabs allows you to administer drugs or fluids in any of these categories.


Clicking on the <History> tab lets you review your previous therapies.


If you initiate a drug infusion, it will be continued indefinitely or until the infusion rate is set to 0 mls/hr.


If you initiate a fluid infusion it will be continued until the indicated volume had been given, or the rate is set to 0 mls/hr.



To explore the effect of giving adrenalin to a normal patient, click on the <Bolus Drug> tab and select <Adrenalin (100mcg/ml)> by clicking on it. A new window will appear. Slide the green slider until a dose of ~ 125 micrograms is indicated and click the <Give> button. Observe the effect of the drug on heart rate, blood pressure and ectopic activity over the ensuing minutes. Click on the <History> tab to review details of your therapeutic interventions.




The complete listing of the drugs and fluids which are available can be found in the section entitled "Available Drugs / Fluids".