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The <Inspector> window gives the trainee access to documents, virtual devices, images, videos and other resources relevant to the scenario or system.


Access to these resources is achieved by clicking on the menu at the top of the window. The main menu items are:

Resources and


Clicking on the <Notes> menu item loads the patient's clinical notes into the window. If the <Notes> have more than one page, two additional menu items (<Prev> and <Next>) become active and can be used to navigate between pages of the document.


Clicking on the <Investigations> menu item allows the trainee to examine the investigations which are available for the current scenario. Arterial, Venous and Oxygenator Blood:Gas Analyses always appear as the first three items in the list. Other investigations are listed if they appear in the database for the particular scenario which has been selected.


The investigations may include:

Static Images (eg 12 Lead ECG, Chest X-Ray) in 'jpg', 'bmp', or 'pdf' format,
Video Images (eg Echo Loop) in 'wmv' or 'avi' format, or
Text Documents (eg Printed Laboratory Report) in 'pdf' format.


Clicking on the <Devices> menu item allows the trainee access to the 'virtual' devices which are available in the environment. These devices are the:

VV-ECMO System,
VA-ECMO System,
ACT Monitor,
Nerve Stimulator,
Defibrillator and


Note that the VA- and VV-ECMO systems are both accessed through <Devices><ECMO System> menu item and that the ECMO system is switched between these modes using the control at the bottom right-hand side of the ECMO system interface.


The features of each of these devices are outlined in the <Devices> section of this manual.


Clicking on the <Resources> menu item allows the trainee to examine the resources which are available for the current scenario. The resources may include:

Static Images (eg Photographs) in 'jpg', 'bmp', or 'pdf' format,
Video Files (eg Training Videos, Lectures) in 'wmv' or 'avi' format,
Text Documents (eg Scientific Papers) in 'pdf' format, or
Web-Sites in 'url' format.
Powerpoint files in 'ppt' or 'pptx' format.


Clicking on the <Help><Help Manual> menu item allows the trainee to access this document.  Clicking the <Help><About> menu item displays Version and License information relating to the installation.