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The Supervisor Application is used to control the behaviour of the simulation system in real-time. The program is intended to be run on a second PC or Netbook which is in communication with the Main Application over a Local or Wide Area Network. The application uses the IP4 addressing, but will function under both the 'Vista' and '7' operating systems.


In order to start the application:

Run the Main Application in <Supervised Mode>.
Note the IP Address at the top right-hand corner of the <Patient Monitor>.



Ensure that the supervisor's device has an active network connection.
Run the Supervisor Application ('MSESupervisor.exe') on the supervisor's device.
Enter the Patient Monitor's IP Address in the <Address> field of the application.
Click <Connect>.


You should now see a screen which looks like this:




The tabbed pages of the application include:

Misc. and


Refer to the individual items in this manual for a description of the functions of each page.


Refer to the 'Troubleshooting' section of this manual if you are having difficulty in connecting to the Main Application.