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The Modular Simulation Environment (MSE) is a high-fidelity, 'immersive' patient simulation system which can be based on more-or-less any intubation or resuscitation manikin. At the heart of the system is the 'Smart Lung' ( a pneumatically-powered, computer-controlled lung) which is connected to the trachea of the manikin (Figure 8.1.)


Figure 8.1.




The  'Smart Lung' is, in turn, controlled by the MSE software and, unless respiratory depressant drugs or muscle relaxants have been administered, exhibits spontaneous respiratory activity. The trainee is able to mask-ventilate the 'Smart Lung' (via the intubation manikin) or, if the trachea has been intubated, attach the patient to any modern anaesthesia / ICU ventilator.


The trainee administers drugs and fluids via the <Therapeutic Interface> of the Main Application, and observes the patient's responses on the <Patient Monitor>. Additional information concerning the simulation scenario is provided to the trainee in the <Inspector> window.


The system supervisor controls the simulation using the Supervisor Application running on a second PC, Netbook or Mobile phone.


The simulation can be recorded using a high-resolution webcam and the in-built data recording system.


A small group of observers are able to watch the simulation on a remote, high-definition television.